The practice of Property valuation was known in Indonesia since 1970. Along with the development of business environment in Indonesia, the needs of service in the assessment of property continue to evolve over time. Not only limited in the importance of banking sector, but the assessment has expanding in the financial, individual, insurance, and public interest sector.

As the only professional organization of appraisers, Indonesian community of profession assessment  (MAPPI) collaborated with Accounting Department of Brawijaya University in organizing regular education of property assessment, consist of basic level (PLP 1-2) and medium level (PLP 1-2). This education not only needed by those who work as an independent, but also for those whose job are related in assessment of occupation.

Participants of the Property Assessment Education :  

  1. Assessor candidate of  KJPP
  2. Staffs of assets management in the government
  3. Account Officer
  4. Internal Bank assessor
  5. Auditor
  6. Academics
  7. Accountant
  8. Banking sector
  9. Public accounting firm
  10. Financial Analyst
  11. Corporate Planner
  12. Equity Analyst,
  13. Investment Banker, Financial Controller

Participant contributions

– Rp. 3.750.000,-/ participant /Program (member of  MAPPI and KJPP only)
– Rp. 4.000.000,-/ participant/ Program (public/non-member of MAPPI and KJPP)
(Price include SPI book which will be given in PDP1)


  1. Modules
  2. SPI 2013 book for PDP 1 participants
  3. Stationary
  4. Coffee break and  lunch
  5. Education certificate

Registration Requirements

Fill in the online registration form here :

Daftar Disini Biru

Maximum capacity : 40 participants 

Documents required :

  1. Online form which has been filled and printed (submit this document on the first day of education) 
  2. Two sheet of latest digital colored photos size 4×6 cm  (upload the photos in the online form)
  3. Copy of  latest transcript which has been legalized (submit this document to the secretariat)
  4. Copy of academic transcript  (submit this document to the secretariat)
  5. Graduation certificate of PDP 1 (for PDP 2 applicants)
  6. Graduation certificate of PDP 1, PDP 2 (for PLP 1 applicants)
  7. Graduation certificate of PLP 1 (for PLP 2 applicants) (upload this document in the online form)


1. If the prospective participants who have done the registration process and payment canceled the participation of Education  three (3) days before the program started, the participant will be charged in the amount  of 25% from the total payment because of the cancellation.
2. If the prospective participants cancelled on the scheduled day, there will be no refund.


Information Registration Education Test

untill 15 April 2015 *

18 – 25 April 2015

 25 April 2015


Registration closed : 12.00 pm (Registration will be closed if 

Contact Person:
 Sukriyah :     081 233 988 964
 Kristin :        081 234 582 20
 Sekretariat : 081 249 773 839
085 755 335 721
 Accounting department University of Brawijaya  : 0341-567040
PDP Secretary:

Accounting department University of Brawijaya

E-mail :

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