Becoming an Accounting Department with an international reputation with an entrepreneurial spirit and awareness of divinity, humanity, and the environment.


  1. Organizing undergraduate accounting education that encourages entrepreneurial spirit based on the principles of professionalism and ethics.
  2. Conducting research for the development of accounting science that is characterized by local and universal values.
  3. Carrying out dedication through creative and innovative works in the field of accounting that is beneficial to the community.


  1. Producing high-quality Bachelor of Accounting graduates with professional and ethical entrepreneurial character.
  2. Improving the quality of teaching and learning through system innovation and learning techniques in the field of accounting.
  3. Produce and disseminate scientific work in the field of accounting in the form of research results, posters, modules, textbooks, and other popular scientific works.
  4. Produce and disseminate the creative and innovative work of students and lecturers that benefit the community through education, training, mentoring, and consultation in the field of accounting.