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2 Day Workshop and PPL

3-4 May 2017, 8 am – 5 pm
Gd. F Lt. 7 FEB UB

Workshop Overview
Auditing regulated industries is complex and risky. Auditors must understand and unique nature of the business and their environment, and at the same time must keep abreast with regulations applicable in the industries. Banking, insurance and financial guarantee are operating in the financial services industry and under the same supervision of the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, yet they are different. Each of them has unique business model, terms of business and subject to different set of regulations. Clear understanding of client’s business and environment (economic and regulatory) is essential for auditors to enable them to assess the audit risks and design appropriate audit procedures to address the risks.

The Course Outline
There will be ten sessions:

  1. Understanding regulated industries and their environment
  2. Plan for audit planning
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Auditing Revenue
  5. Auditing Provisioning/CKPN
  6. Auditing Technical Reserve
  7. Auditing Guarantee liability
  8. Understanding Actuarial Technique in calculating
  9. technical reserve
  10. Auditing Syariah Banks
  11. Concluding the Audit

The Course Objectives

  1. Understand the audit process from the planning,
  2. execution and completion for banking, insurance and
  3. financial guarantee industries
  4. Understand the provisioning/CKPN methodologies
  5. Understand the actuarial technique in calculating
  6. technical reserves
  7. Understand the key regulation applicable for banking,
  8. insurance and financial guarantee audit.

Your Key Speakers

  1. Achmad Sonhadji (Kepala Internal Auditor Perum Jamkrindo)
  2. Jusuf Wibisana
    Lecturer of Accounting Department at Brawijaya University.
  3. Herry Setiadie (Director, at PwC Indonesia)
    Herry is a Director in Assurance Financial Services with more than 14 year’s experience. Herry has various experience in financial audit in PwC Indonesia and PwC Australia, especially in life insurance, non-life insurance, multifinance, securities, investment banking.
  4. Fachmy Achmad (Senior Manager, at PwC Indonesia)
    Fachmy is a Senior Manager in Assurance Services division with extensive experience in banking audit engagements. Fachmy has 12 years of work experience. Fachmy has extensive experience in audit engagements and implementation of PSAK 50 & 55 (2006 Revision), IFRS 9, international exposure by virtue of his overseas posting in Australia (dealing with mainly banking clients), as well as his work experience in the banking sector.
  1. Harris Agustiyan (Manager, at PwC Indonesia)
    Harris is a Manager in Assurance Financial Services with more than 9 year’s experience.  Harris’s areas of specialisation are Audit in the financial services sector especially syariah banking, multifinance, general insurance and asset management including pension fund client.

 Information & Registration

  1. Jurusan Akuntansi FEB UB: 0341-567040
  2. Sukriyah: 081233988964
  3. Ayu Fury: 082140521428
  4. Sugeng Praptoyo: 0811315964

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