Vision of Study Program

Becoming a leading International Accounting Doctoral Program that is able to provide intellectual, mental, and spiritual enlightenment to encourage the innovation of accountancy science and the development of entrepreneurial spirit as a contribution to human civilization

Mission of Study Program

  1. Conducting accounting doctoral education with holistic, ethical, and contextual approach.
  2. Accelerate the development of research and innovation in the field of accounting with a multi-paradigm approach,
  3. Conducting community-based education and research services that are beneficial to stakeholders and enhancing human civilization.

Objectives of the Study Program

  1. Produce intellectually, mentally and spiritually “enlightened” human resources reflected in the form of a praiseworthy, wise and wise personality and able to innovate accounting science,
  2. Produce human resources capable of conducting research and dedication to the community independently, original and unique to contribute to the development of science and accounting profession,
  3. Produce accounting science with a multi-paradigm style reflected in the unity of accounting with social, cultural, political, ethical and religious contexts