All alumni of Brawijaya University have so far have their own container in Ikatan Alumni (IKA) UB, which already has stewardship, facilities and structured activities. Similarly, at the faculty level, all alumni of Faculty of Economics and Business joined in the alumni of IKA FEB UB. Therefore, automatically alumni PDIA JAFEB UB is incorporated in IKA FEB UB. So far the role of IKA UB and IKA FEB-UB is very big in giving various contributions to PDIA JAFEB UB. Contributions are:

  1. funds for student and academic activities (some are realized in the form of money, teaching and learning equipment and facilities);
  2. a network of inter-institutional cooperation where there are alumni of PDIA JAFEB UB working at the institution;
  3. employee / employee recruitment information;
  4. inputs to improve academic quality;
  5. guest lectures and or become extraordinary lecturers.

In addition, in particular, alumni of PDIA JAFEB UB interact with the alma mater through some of the following participation:

  1. Ongoing alumni provide input improvements to the learning process through regular discussion forums. For example, alumni as a speaker in routine discussion “Columnist Multiparadigma (dh Epistemology Debate)” organized by PDIA JAFEB UB.
  2. Alumni is directly involved in network development through involvement in the editorial team and managers of the Multiparadigm Accounting Journal (JAMAL)
  3. The donation of facilities provided by the alumni of FEB UB is manifested in the form of donation of Business Clinic facility and UMKM FEB UB which serves as a medium of implementation of community service mentoring and UMKM training by lecturers and students of UMKM facilitation and training as well as development contribution of Surau Ar-Rahman used as a means of worship for the civitas FEB UB.
  4. The interaction and involvement of alumni are also obviously established through the MAMI forum (Multiparadigm Indonesia Accounting Society). The involvement of alumni in this form of contribution in the inclusion of research results presented in the MAMI forum which is regularly held twice a year