Quality Assurance

Kebijakan Penjaminan Mutu

Quality assurance policy is inseparable from quality assurance policy at university level. This policy is reflected in UB’s Vision, Missions and Strategic Plans (RENSTRA) 2011-2014. The UB Strategic Plan mentioned: The more systematic quality management initiation in UB is done through the application of Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI), one of which is based on System Quality Management (SMM) ISO 9001: 2008. An integrated quality assurance system in every work unit activity in order to realize internal management that will not only affect the improvement of internal service processes, but also needs to be oriented to customer satisfaction (stakeholders). Therefore, in accordance with the Rector’s Job Program 2007-2011 as the realization of RENSTRA UB, Rector’s Work Program is grouped into three pillars. Pillar II: Improved Quality, Relevance and Competitiveness. Implementation of the second pillar is the strengthening of UB quality assurance institution which is known as Quality Assurance Center (PJM), at the level of Faculty / Program / Postgraduate Program called Quality Assurance Group (GJM), at the Department / Study Program Level called Quality Assurance Unit (UJM).

Quality Assurance System

The quality assurance system in JAFEB UB is built on the quality assurance policy at the University level. Quality Assurance Center (PJM) UB builds a quality assurance system typical of Brawijaya University (Madzab Brawijaya), which in 2006-2009 called Academic Quality Assurance System (SPMA). This system of quality standards is based on a combination of Competition Grant Program (PHK) and from Higher Education. In line with the implementation experience of the quality assurance cycle in UB, from 2010 until now the quality assurance system of UB is called Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI). This system incorporates an ISO 9001: 2008, DIKTI, PHK and BAN-PT Quality Management System model, with the aim that the system can be flexibly implemented in a variety of purposes, making it efficient and effective. Can be used in internal or external quality assurance (ISO certification and international accreditation and international). SPMI UB starts from: 1. Quality Assurance Organization in University, Faculty / Program / Post Graduate Program and Department / Study Program, 2. Document system and 3. Audit