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Official Group of The Family of Students & Alumni

Accounting Major

Faculty of Economy and Business

Brawijaya University

you’re OBLIGATE to read before you JOIN:

This group was created and managed by Accounting Major of Economy and Business Faculty to maintain the communication with the students and alumni.

Information dissemination especially about Job Vacancy will be done by this Group.

This is a Restricted group, which it needs to be a member to get the approval by the Moderator. To join, you have to state your Full Name and Student id number or your Batch at the “Comment to Owner” section. For those who have Email account besides Yahoo and want to be registered and also recommend your fellow Students or Alumni of Accounting Major are expected to send your email to the Moderator.

Furthermore, to maintain the discipline of the sent messages, only the important messages that will be sent, and for a while ONLY moderator that could send the messages.

For those who have important information especially about Job Vacancy of other important information should first send in to Moderator for spreading the information.

Hopefully, this Group will be helpful.

Share your INFO, help others.


M: 085234690008