PENENTUAN DOSEN PEMBIMBING SKRIPSI GANJIL 2014/2015 (Full Version)The Assign of Lecturer Thesis Supervisor 2014/2015 (Full Version)

Number: 006/AK/10/2014            
The Assign of Lecturer Thesis Supervisor 2014/2015      

Notified to all students of Accounting Major in Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya that:
1. Students who have plan to submit a thesis program  must return thesis submission form that has been signed by the supervisor to the  Accounting Administration.
2. Form submission of thesis and proposals that have been evaluated by accounting major can be taken in the Accounting Administration.
3. The thesis must be completed within 1 (one) semester.  If the the thesis can not be completed, it can be extended with the maximum time one (1) semester  by  re-registration guiding thesis (online). The mechanism will be set and announced later.
4. Students must attend a briefing for thesis forming which will be held on May 9, 2015 (The apparel must be adjusted as the briefing of KKNP)
5. The assigned lecturer thesis supervisors are in the following:

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